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Developing social skills of children at the age between 5 and 7 through holidays and entertainment


Svetla Miteva

Vesela Kindergarten, Dobrich, Bulgaria

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Childhood is a specific and very important period from human development. A period of physical maturity, active intellectual and social development. The methodological formulation is that the children`s social development is implemented in the context of their interaction with the social environment. So one of the priority tasks- to lay the foundations for developing social skills, necessary to live in a society- is set in the years of the nursery school. This task urges the teacher to diagnose continuously mastering social knowledge and skills for social actions. The teacher has to create such conditions that the child would be able to participate gradually and consequently, confidently and adequately to the situation in the life of the children micro group and the adult group, to communicate without conflicts or to deal with them, to keep positive attitude towards themselves, other children and adults. The holiday calendar in the life of the kindergarten is a reliable instrument for their development.

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Keywords: social skills, social skills system, holiday calendar

Citation: Miteva, S. (2020). Developing social skills of children at the age between 5 and 7 through holidays and entertainment. Journal of Pedagogy and Educational Management 4, pp. 179-214