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Dear authors and readers,

Welcome to the website of the first issue of the scientific Journal of Pedagogy and Educational Management (JPEM) which is published by Varna University of Management, Bulgaria.

The journal provides a platform for scientific discussions on theoretical and empirical problems in the K-12 education, university and adult education, as well as the continuing education of human resources in today’s learning organization.

The first issue of the new journal has already started. The included articles question and explore issues of educational management, modern approaches to the motivation for learning, multifunctionality of the educational resources, preparation of teachers for work with adults, standardization in the education and creativity of pedagogical work, methodological issues of mathematics education. Our intention is to encourage young researchers and Ph.D. students to share their effective educational practices and empirical research.

I thank all members of the Editorial Board and all my colleagues who are ready to be reviewers of the scientific achievements that are going to be published in the journal.

The authors of the first issue of the JPEM support the willingness of the Editorial Board the journal to become an interdisciplinary focus for scientific research in two main fields – pedagogical theory and practice and management in the modern education.

The journal is open to all researchers, teachers, and managers who solve the issues of pedagogical and educational management. It also supports volunteers who are willing to review scientific articles and messages.

Good luck to all authors, reviewers, and readers!

Prof. Dimitrina Kamenova, PhD