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Brain fitness as a teaching innovation and educational paradigm

Olha Holovina

Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs, Ukraine

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In the up-to-date information society of great importance are the skills of quick processing of information, the ability to evaluate and use it appropriately. At the same time, a decrease in developing intellectual loads leads to a weakening of cognitive abilities and the loss of cognitive functions. One of the key places in the development and continued cognitive capabilities is brain training, brain fitness. A system of exercises for improvement of cognitive function - brain fitness (cognitive training) - will help to maintain an appropriate level of cognitive ability, be prepared for intellectual activity, regardless of the scope. In order to solve the problem comprehensively and introduce brain fitness as a must-have component of modern education, it is necessary to investigate the background of the situation, to consider the benefits and prospects of the proposed innovation implementation in great detail. Modern education requires systemic changes by shifting the emphasis from the importance of accumulating knowledge to the need in developing competencies to provide their optimal usage and adaptation.

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Keywords: brain fitness, cognitive functions, development of cognitive capabilities, methods of brain building, educational competencies, cognitive training

Citation: Holovina, O. (2020). Brain fitness as a teaching innovation and educational paradigm. Journal of Pedagogy and Educational Management 4, pp. 168-171