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A model of mentoring for professional support for trainee teachers

Bistra Georgieva

P. K. Yavorov Vocational School of Tourism, Dobrich, Bulgaria

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Mentoring has a historically proven contribution to the continuity of professional values. It acquires a new role, new functions through its new characteristics. At the heart of its nature are the expectations that greater success can be achieved with the support and guidance of trainees by the more experienced fellow professional. Modern requirements for higher quality and efficiency, both in the training process and in the individual professional activity of trainee teachers, require a new review of the principles, tasks and criteria for successful mentoring. Applying an innovative, scientific and systematic approach would ensure that mentoring becomes an effective process of education and training of young professionals. This article aims to explore the characteristics, components and functions of an innovative model for training of mentors of trainee teachers.

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Keywords: mentoring, mentor roles, curriculum models for mentor training

Citation: Georgieva, B. (2020). A model of mentoring for professional support for trainee teachers. Journal of Pedagogy and Educational Management 4, pp. 31-62