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The Dialectics of Industrial Design Viz-A-Viz the Meta – Design Phenomenon: The on-going Narrative/ Implications for New Design Paradigms and Design Education


Obasuyi Osa-Francis Efe

Department of Fine/Applied Arts, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria, E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The paper examined the dialectics and the Philosophical Theorization of the Phenomenon of Industrial design viz-a-viz meta-design, both as new areas of the philosophical discourse and intellectualization of both fields. This is not only as new subject disciplines / profession but also as New/Novel, and “uncharted waters” in the study and philosophy of both.  Which is aimed at their adoption as a veritable tool and vehicle, for achieving New and innovative franchises and enterprises that might thus help bring about creating potentially New Design paradigms. In the body of the text it was established that by employing interdisciplinarity and collaborative efforts / approaches, designers try to achieve these New design efforts which are inspired by the way living organisms, systems and mechanisms, function and work. This eventually will influence, change or completely overhaul the way we feed, cloth ourselves, shelter, communicate or even co-habit in the future. The research methodology adopted was the qualitative, exploratory and open-ended research approach. The paper also established that the implications of the above will help engender a new narrative in the discussions and reasoning (or the dialectics) of these two disciplines and also of how they will affect the subjects practice and the various attempts aimed at its Pedagogy /Education. It was also established that the nature of such an Education and the Impartation of the adequate Design skills to graduates must adopt new strategies and implementation of an Industrial/Technological-based subject-Bias that leans towards Design intuitiveness, ingenious Technical/Technologically result oriented reasoning and practices. Bearing in mind the infusion also of various multidisciphinary subject areas that will help broaden the learner’s horizon. The paper as part of its research results and findings recommends that the issue of the Dialectics and phenomenology of Industrial Design/Meta design (which is the philosophical study of the structure and make-up (or consciousness) of the concepts, context and content of industrial design) must be embedded in the implementation of the three conceptual Approaches of Design which are:- Design Awareness, Design Activity and Design Manufacture/fabrication. This is the sum total of all Design and Creative endeavours.

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Keywords: dialectics, phenomenology of design, meta–design, interdisciplinarity and collaborative approaches, design paradigms, autopoiesis and allopoiesis

Citation: Osa-Francis Efe, O. (2018) The Dialectics of Industrial Design Viz-A-Viz the Meta – Design Phenomenon: The on-going Narrative/ Implications for New Design Paradigms and Design Education. Journal of Pedagogy and Educational Management 2, pp. 100-111