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Combining Mentorship and Action Based Learning. The Case of French Camp Academy, USA

Miroslava Dimitrova

Varna University of Management,Varna, Bulgaria E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Action based learning and mentorship are ancient methods for transfer of knowledge, skills and expertise that are becoming increasingly popular today. They have a number of advantages over the traditional, passive and impersonal forms of education. Action based learning provides platform for application and testing of theoretical knowledge in a real life setting, while mentorship implies a deeper and stronger connection between the participants which facilities in addition the learning process. When combined, the both approaches produce numerous benefits for all parties involves. The present paper discusses conceptual issues concerning mentorship and action based learning and their implementation as a combined educational method.

The feasibility of the combined approach is illustrated by the example of French Camp Academy (FCA), USA which presents a best practice of applying both – mentorship and learning by doing.

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Keywords: mentorship, mentoring, mentor, mentee, protégé, master, novice, student, learner, apprenticeship, action based learning, learning-by-doing, experiential learning, educational approach, transfer of skills, knowledge and expertise

Citation: Dimitrova, M. (2018) Combining Mentorship and Action Based Learning. The Case of French Camp Academy, USA Journal of Pedagogy and Educational Management 2, pp. 125-138